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Last minute gift ideas for your significant other at Denver’s Goldyn

By on December 22nd, 2015

Do you have your holiday shopping complete? If you’re like me, you have a few more people on your list and you can’t believe it’s December 22nd! But we’re here to help you out. Recently, I reached out to Vanessa Barcus, of Denver’s Goldyn boutique, located in Highlands, right next to Linger. But, I didn’t stop there. I teamed up with gifted writer and Goldyn frequent visitor,  Jaq Poussot, to help give you some guidance on what to get your significant other this holiday season.

So, allow me to hand it off to the very stylish and very sharp Jaq. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your significant other, here’s a great starting point.


What to get her this holiday season

By Jaq Poussot

Two Days ‘till Christmas — you just arrived back in Colorado after a whirlwind business trip and you are, like most of us, looking for those last min gifts that you can sneak under the tree for all your loved ones. Amazon can’t help you now… but that doesn’t give need to panic.  Take a deep breath and stop into Goldyn in Denver’s Highlands.  Their assortment of luxurious and exquisite gift items will leave you wanting for naught.

Have a thrifty sister?

This delicate piece is just for her.  It it spot on with the trend of dainty finger rings that scream “stack me!”  Goldyn has a huge collection of such pieces, but this Gem & Blue brand ring is perfect to add to any collection — especially those of mix-matched metals. If sister is new to expressing her femininity, start her collection off with a unique shape, like the triangle, so that she has a sounds and neutral base to work from.


For the artsy aunt (that’s me!)

We all have one — that über feminist aunt who lives in Boulder or San Francisco and who loves to talk about “creating a container” for your emotional issues in life.  She’s globally conscious and most likely traveling to the far fetched corners of the world (like Bhutan) for her time off from curating at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, Norway.  Give her something eco-chic, like this designer scarf by, Titania Inglis.  Elegantly minimalist, born from excess material in a small, family-run factory, this scarf is a perfect accessory for every natural born traveler.


For your nit-picky mom

As a Bespoke Edge customer, you can appreciate the delicate details of this stunning foldover alligator clutch.  It is so immaculately chic, you are probably wondering if this will suit your mom… yes!   You are’t a kid anymore.  She doesn’t have to haul around your used Kleenex and low-blood sugar snack pack anymore.  She absolutely deserves a sleek and beautiful evening bag that can transition from day to night seamlessly!


For the meddling mother-in-law

You can’t buy her work-out gear… that would definitely send the wrong message.  Another album of photos of the kids…really?  Consider this practical but sumptuous over-sized crew neck sweater by the fabulous french designer IRO.  Modest, polite, functional, cozy, modern and swanky… and it looks like it is straight from the Marais in Paris.


For your budding fashionista niece

She is bold.  She is brave.  She is… dating?  Probably.  Boost her youthful confidence with this unassuming top by Mara Hoffman.  Intricately embroidered to add a savvy “pop” with that pair of jeans and leather jacket combo.


For your hard-to-please girlfriend

Marilyn Monroe said it best, but there is substance behind the antiquated friendship between a woman and her diamonds.  This cubic crystal structure has become the epitome for a symbol oftimelessness.  As a investment that means “bang for your buck,” but as a sentimentalist, that means remembranceSelin Kent hoops are as decadent as they are “every-day” which means that your bell has the built in reminder of her value in your life each and every time she wears these Lizzie Huggie hoops.



Each year I am daunted by the lurching pressures of gifting.  Shopping-on-demand just isn’t really my style, but the genuine service of Goldyn’s team will ease that stress away.  Since the Bespoke Edge list isn’t exhaustive, you can always reach out to the thoughtful and experience personnel to help you brainstorm that perfect gift for that special someone.


If you’re in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, check out the boutique at 2040 West 30th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80211. Or, give them a call at 1-888-6GOLDYN.