Your perfect fitting tuxedo

It's time to graduate and try a bespoke tuxedo. Our tuxedos are built from the finest materials, measured perfectly to your body. We guarantee you'll never want to go back to off the rack.

Tuxedos starting at $1,225

We build tuxedos using the finest imported fabrics and traditional construction methods. Paired with Ron's 38 years of experience, your tuxedo will be your most comfortable and best fitting in your closet.

Fabric & Trim

Hundreds of fabrics available and unique trim options.

custom tuxedo fabrics
  • Available in satin or grosgrain
  • Silk and cashmere blends
  • Superfine Egyptian and Italian cottons
  • Classic midnight blue and many other colors available


Satin is what makes a tuxedo a tuxedo. Traditional and modern detailing.

custom tuxedo construction
  • 100% silk
  • Unique blends such as silk & rayon and silk & wool
  • 100% wool
  • 100% velvet
  • Satin trimming on the pant rear pockets and with added pick stitching on the pant side seam, fly and front pockets


Working button holes, unique jacket linings and custom monograming.

premium tuxedo details
  • Surgeon cuffs
  • Pick stitching
  • Besom pockets
  • Custom linings
  • Satin details
  • Embroidery
french cuff shirt for tuxedo
midnight blue shawl collar tuxedo
timeless bespoke tuxedo
custom tuxedo jacket lining for your wedding
custom jacket lining fabric that changes in the light

Let's get started!

It's time to discover the difference custom clothing can make in how you look and feel. Let's get started, schedule an appointment.

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