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Our 2016 fall lookbook

By on October 10th, 2016

The changing leaves in Denver are our annual reminder to publish the BE fall lookbook. As any Coloradoan can tell you, we will still have a handful of 80 degree days ahead of us, but make no mistake, the typical crisp fall weather is on the way. It’s a fun time of year. Halloween ushers in the roundup of holidays and seasonal perks like apple cider and pumpkin spiced beverages remind us of a change in the air.

Fall is also the time to throw on another layer or two. As much as I love my short sleeve shirts and shorts, I can’t deny that there is a sense of satisfaction in wearing a cozy sweater or reaching for my favorite sportcoat knowing that it will help to serve a functional purpose and keep me warm in the early mornings.

So, how is 2016 shaping up to be different than last year’s style? We are seeing sophisticated earth tones and vibrant purples take the lead this fall and holiday season. I think it’s a modern take on our rugged, Colorado personality.

Living in Denver, you can’t help but adopt a frontier attitude. Sartorially speaking, we are actively building our own identity. Bespoke Edge has been at the forefront of this conversation with men’s style. Our fall lookbook explores the sophisticated and the casual. The new and the old. We are pairing the finest available fabrics with skilled tailoring to create our art — a fit that is without rival and a style that is as individual as your own signature.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites this season.


The casual flannel that you see above was designed in partnership with Brad Lincoln of Fort Collins based Funkwerks Brewing. The fabric is one of our finest flannels, but the styling makes for a casual and versatile dress shirt. We coined it the Saison as a nod to the fine beers Brad is brewing.

casual fall sportcoat denver custom suits

This sportcoat is aimed squarely at the holiday party. It’s almost like a purple houndstooth, but settled on a black foundation. Single button closure makes this coat a go-to cocktail jacket. The peaked lapel and besom pockets make for an undeniably sleek sportcoat. Paired with a print dress shirt, this outfit almost demands a cocktail or glass of champagne in hand.

paisley denver custom dress shirt

Fall in Colorado means a mix of weather. It’s entirely possible to see snow in the city in October, even September. On the other hand, at the time of writing, this Friday is forecast to be 81 degrees! For the days that still have a hint of summer, there’s this elegant paisley in French cuffs. This is one of Brett’s personal custom dress shirts. I think it’s a great example of what we often refer to as our Colorado frontier sensibility with the hidden skull contrast fabric in the cuff. The shirt almost says, you can dress me up, but I still have a wild side!

unique fall blazer denver custom suits

We really love this sportcoat for fall. It’s made in one of our finest available Holland & Sherry fabrics. This genre of fabrics is world-renowned for its exceptional quality and aesthetic. The brown coat is perfect for fall, but the secondary hue in blue elevates the coat for a warm day and is a perfect match to our expansive sky that is pure Colorado.

unique denver custom suits

Notice how the chest pocket lines up perfectly with the pattern of the rest of the coat. And how the hip pockets are slanted slightly upward – a sign of a truly bespoke coat.

Pick stitching is prevalent throughout and nicely complements another great detail – the working button holes.

best denver custom suits unique sportcoat

In full sunlight you’ll notice that the blue plaid is almost washed out. Consequently, this coat is versatile with other dress shirts, like the white one that Brett is wearing above. He paired the jacket with his best pair of jeans. He can pull it off because his jeans are crisp and clean and free of any holes or signs of distress. Otherwise, the elegance of his Holland & Sherry coat fabric would clash with his pants.


We hope that the above looks give you some inspiration this fall. Have fun with color and don’t forget the sportcoat.

By Ryan Wagner