Our Clothing Gallery

We are very proud of the clothing we have built. Here are some of our favorites.

A half-lining, for summer
Summer casual
Suits as colorful as your ice cream
Textured sportcoat cloth
A windowpane blue summer suit
Skip the dress shoes now and again
Accent lapel buttonhole in white
Burgundy suits are trending
Bold colors never disappoint!
A contrast vest adds some interest
The versatile navy suit
In natural light, a blue suit really shines
A gravity defying suit
Casual sophistication
Light grey for a summer aesthetic
A notched lapel three piece suit
With a grey suit, your neck tie becomes the focus
A vested suit is a dressy suit
A lining worth showing off!
A pine green elopement suit
An elopement style suited to its surroundings
A great suit is one you forget you’re wearing
Lighter colored ties make for a more casual look
Note the peaked lapel
Smiles all around!
A peaked lapel plaid suit
Note the sliver of contrast vest
With a light grey suit, your accessories really stand out
The BE team: Brett, Ron, and Ryan
A peaked lapel suit
Note the accent lapel buttonhole in burgundy
Consider a bow tie for a classic look
Wedding time!
Look closely, this is called a birdseye weave.
Colorful accessories for summer
The classic white dress shirt
5:00 pm
Details, details.
A contrast vest for a unique look
Another gravity defying suit :).
Waiting on a negroni
See the contrast stitching on the lining?
When in doubt, go bold on the lining
Peaked lapel for a dressy look
Blue on blue for summer
Big smiles!
One of our Signature Line, handmade suits
Flannel and chambray shirting
We’re not always wearing suits!
An envelope style shirt cuff
Dark pants dress up a casual shirt
Contrast shirt buttons
Note the casual button down shirt collar
A paisley lining on a tuxedo jacket
Layer up!
Lining-free for summer
Style to take you around the world
Back in the office
5:01 pm
We can resize your shirt cuff to show your watch
See the five sleeve buttons?
Shades of blue
This is called a collar pin, to elevate your tie
Casual summer jacket (and a few details)
A peaked lapel
Summer vibes
A half-lining for warm summer days
Saddle shoes to match the pants
A traditional boutonniere goes through the lapel buttonhole