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3 practical men’s grooming tips that can have a big impact

By on July 24th, 2018

If you follow this blog, you’re probably a dapper guy when it comes to your style. But how much do you know about grooming? And would you like to improve on your beard, skin, or haircut game? Like you, I’ve been shaving for many years now, but I continue to learn new things. And a casual survey of the men in Denver these days reveals many beards in need of a trim and necks with razor burn. So, in search of new knowledge, I reached out to one of my trusted men’s grooming experts, Lisa Franz. Lisa is the owner behind Frank’s Barbershop in Denver. [You may recall my earlier escapade into the world of pedicures at Lisa’s shop earlier this summer.] I wanted to gather some new information on modern and practical men’s grooming tips.

Here’s what I learned:

With all the men wearing beards these days in Denver, what’s the number one grooming mistake that you see local men making?

[Lisa] The number one grooming mistake with beards is not using beard oil and failure to maintain the lines and the shape. The beard must look intentional and well kept. Getting regular beard trims and treatments will help maintain the shape, texture and look of the beard.
[Ryan] I couldn’t agree more on the need to maintain a beard’s shape. Unless you live in the woods and you want your beard to keep you warm for survival purposes(!), the shape and lines must be considered and intentional. Beards are cool — neck beards, not so much.

Does beard oil really have an impact on the look and feel of our beards? At what point should we consider using it?

[Lisa] Yes! Beard oil is amazing and essential! It conditions the skin in Denver’s super dry climate. Beard oil supplements our natural face oils and can help maintain shape and condition of the facial hair. We carry True Grit, which is a local company and their line of beard care is fantastic!
[Ryan] While I’ve never had a serious beard and therefore any need for beard oil, I am familiar with True Grit via one of their pre-shave oils. Using an oil prior to shaving is something that many men don’t want to bother with, as it’s just one more step and us guys want to make sure that whatever grooming products we own are absolutely mandatory.
But here’s the thing: pre-shave oil is amazing. I’ve found that it mitigates razor bumps and makes my skin feel a lot softer after I’ve shaved. If you’ve never used one before, you should consider it. And that little bottle lasts a long time.

What are the benefits of a man getting a semi-regular facial? Can there be a lasting impact?

[Lisa] Again, Denver’s dry climate and higher altitude can lead to dry skin. A regular facial exfoliates, moisturizes and stimulates the skin and help reduce signs of aging.
[Ryan]  So, I’ve had two facials in my life, and I have to admit, they are pretty great. It’s an incredibly relaxing experience. And after one of them, it was clear as day that I did have that “healthy glow” that you hear people talk about. Maybe it’s before a date or for when you know that you’ll have your photo taken. Regardless, facials are for both women and men and deserve a place on your list of men’s grooming tips.