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5 things women wish you’d toss from your closet

By on September 28th, 2014

At the Bespoke Edge we are always on the hunt for practical style info – the type of down to earth advice that so many of us guys need. Recently, we interviewed the very stylish Kristen Cain from The Together Act on the items that women want men to toss from your closet.

Now this won’t come as any surprise to you, but we want to know what women are thinking. So we asked! And if you had a chance to read our previous post on the subject, you’ll know that stylish women are all too eager to tell us. And this is a great thing fellas, because women really do notice how we dress. And most women would prefer that their boyfriend or husband dress a little better.

Fortunately for us, it’s easier than we often think.

So for this article we wanted to ask Kristen a very direct question – What are (5) things that guys need to throw out of their closets for good?

Think of her responses below as instant style upgrades for your wardrobe.

Oversized golf shirts from famous courses

Kristen goes on to say that even if you’ve played these famous courses, the oversized shirts need to go. And the BE crew agrees – baggy polo shirts are just going to get in the way of that perfect swing!

Oversized, old or ugly weekend/workout clothes

There it is again, the word oversized. As a reader of this blog you’re probably already on the bandwagon, but it’s worth repeating – fit is everything. The label of your clothes doesn’t matter, but the fit does.

Kristen says that the clothes you spend time hanging out in need to fit you just like any other shirt.

Indeed, workout shirts may need to be a little larger to help you move around in, but that’s no excuse for them to be sloppy.

Kitschy neck ties

Yup, you probably saw this coming. All those holiday and screen printed ties need to go. And even now as you read this, your sole holiday tie is entombed in a fine layer of dust near the corner of your closet.

“So what am I supposed to wear to my holiday Christmas party?!” you may be asking yourself. Fear not, we have an upcoming blog on the topic.

‘Dad’ jeans

So if you’re a father does this mean that the moment you put on any pair of new jeans they are instantaneously christened dad jeans??

Don’t worry, that’s not the case. But you probably know what Kristen is referring to when she says dad jeans – those ill fitting and just a little bit too-light-blue-for-the-occasion jeans.

Dad jeans are “any denim that has a weak, nondescript wash. No mid-range, faded rinses. Dark denim or classic blue jean color is best,” says Kristen.

I think that this reiterates what we are constantly echoing on this blog. That you need to invest in one really great pair of jeans. Choose a quality pair and they will last you for many years to come.


“Fleece is not sexy or flattering,” says Kristen. Instead, she recommends investing “…in a great, soft zip-front hoodie.”

Now as a native Coloradoan I have been guilty of sporting the fleece look around town. But when I entered the working world I decided that I could better. Today there are tons of great looking mid-weight jackets out there that can fit any budget.

However, I don’t think Kristen is advocating that we actually throw out our fleece jackets (and down jackets) entirely – because they still have a place. And that place is somewhere up in the mountains. Fleece is a great layering tool for our colder adventures, but I agree with Kristen that when you’re going out for a special dinner you can do a whole lot better than fleece.

Wrap up

There you have it. The (5) things you need to toss from your closet. So do yourself a favor and head over to your closet right now, assemble any of the aforementioned items and drop them off at your local charity.

Your significant other may just thank you :).

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