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7 summer style essentials for men

By on May 16th, 2014

Ah, summer. You are almost here. But warmer months aren’t an excuse to dress like you’re in college again (even if you are in college!). It just means that as a gentleman you need to dress smarter. That means fabrics like cotton, linen and knowing a few tricks of the trade. That being said, this is your guide to summer. We’ve come up with a short list of 7 summer style essentials for men that you need to have in your closet to make it through the warm months of summer and look like a man in the process.


At some point you’re going to need shorts. Sometimes pants will just make you appear too dressed up. But that doesn’t mean you can pull out the same old shorts you’ve had for 10 years (cargo shorts anyone?). Today, slim shorts that end just above the knee are popular. You want to make sure that your shorts aren’t too baggy, especially if your shirt is tailored.

And yes, shorts are casual, but you can always dress them up with a button down shirt and roll the sleeves up should the sun creep out. Depending on your style prowess, you may even be inclined to pair those shorts with an appropriate slim fitting cotton sportcoat.


Grab a light pair of cotton chinos. They’re breathable, versatile and inexpensive. And now days you can find them in a wide range of fabrics.


Are you ready to take the leap and become a ‘hat guy’? Summer is the perfect opportunity. You’ll be protecting your noggin from the sun’s harmful rays and looking good at the same.

Not sure what hat to go with? Larry from the Goorin Bros Hat Shop in Larimer Square says (of choosing a hat) “…the hat that makes you dance, that’s your hat.” Still not dancing? Bring a girl with you when you shop and you’ll have a valuable second opinion.


Cotton tie

Cotton is lightweight, cheap and fun. It won’t feel as heavy as your silk tie and the subdued tones lend themselves well to a lighter summer suit. We like the ones from Knotty Tie.

Summer suit

Writer Tom Wolfe taught us all that the heat of summer is not an excuse to dress sloppy. He was keen on his signature white and had the charisma and intellect alike to pull it off.

Don’t feel like taking the plunge to white? Opt for a tan or light blue. Both are versatile and great picks for your first summer suit. Or, upgrade to a fun plaid.

Try pairing with a polo shirt or open collar dress shirt for when you want to dress down a bit.

summer-suit-fabrics (2)

Picnic shirt

Unless volleyball is on the itinerary, show up looking your best, but not overly dressed. A colorful shirt unbuttoned at the collar and sleeves rolled up is just the right amount of class. And if you aim to wear it un-tucked, make sure the length isn’t too long. A good rule of thumb is that if the shirt tails fall below your back pockets, then it’s going to appear as though you simply forgot to tuck it in. Either ask your tailor to shorten your existing shirt or have one made specifically with that occasion in mind.


Summer style essentials for men and a spring dress shirt


You can’t have a charming conversation while squinting into the sun, can you? Retro Ray-Bans are popular and aviators never go out of style.

Boat shoes

Speaking of never going out of style, if there’s one item that always seems to be popular, it’s the preppy boat shoe. Many are casual, some you may even be able to wear to the office, and others, are just downright awesome:


Use your imagination and see what looks you can dream up. Here’s our favorite for spring:

Wrap up

Use these 7 items as a starting point to create your own summer wardrobe. You’ll be prepared for both the summer BBQ and that business lunch a warm patio.

Did we forget something? What’s your favorite go-to summer item?