About Our Collection

By on November 15th, 2013

Shirts-  From $125.00

With hundreds of unique fabrics to choose from you can create that one-of-a-kind shirt with impeccable detail.  Our shirt selection is a showcase of 100% Egyptian and Italian cottons that include 2-ply and super 120’s yarns.  We also offer the ultimate in seasonal weights with Sea Island cottons, cotton silk blends, and easy iron fabrics. And of course you have the option to customize your collars, buttons, and many other details.

Suits-  From $795.00

From the finest woolen mills across the globe BE has collected a special group of imported fabrics for that distinguished gentleman.  Our collection core consists of Super 150’s Wool & Cashmere and luxurious blends of wool, cashmere, and silk.  Our uncrushable Super 130’s wool is also a perfect choice for that sophisticated suit or blazer in your wardrobe.   And for the purist fashion dresser we offer woolens by Valentino, an authentic made-in-Italy brand that is still produced exclusively in the Biella province.  These luxurious Super 150’s yarns are woven of the finest merino wool from New Zealand.

Trousers-  From $195.00

We at The Bespoke Edge are proud to offer some of the most distinctive piece goods made in the finest mills.  Our selection of durable, versatile wools for trousers begin with the classic gabardine woven in Super 150’s wool and cashmere.  Wool, cashmere, and silk blends are also available and the Premier Super 130’s woolens create a dressy finish.  Finally, for the sophisticated wardrobe our collection of merino wools from Valentino of Italy will not be matched.

Sport Coats & Blazers-  From $595.00

One of the key ingredients to creating that distinctive and useful wardrobe is the fabric you choose.  Our array of seasonal, pattern coat fabrics are all super fine Australian wools woven with subtle color combinations and elegant texture.  Our seasonal solid blazers are available in 100% camel hair and the more luxurious 100% cashmere.  We also offer a few classic colors in a premier wool and cashmere blend.  Of course, the all season blazer is a must in most men’s wardrobes so we feature a Super 150’s gabardine deluxe weave and other Super 130’s wools.  Any of BE’s elegant suit fabrics are also available to be made up as a blazer model.

Neckwear- From $85

One of the key focal points of that business wardrobe is the necktie.  That is why The Bespoke Edge features only hand sewn neckwear that will truly compliment our tailored clothing.  The ties that we offer are woven of 100% silk and have impeccable hand detail with rich color hues.  Dressy prints, foulards, polka-dots, paisleys, and elegant stripes are all available from our hand picked sources.  Even the bow tie has been making a comeback in recent years that includes
classic styles and other vintage re-makes.

Complements- From $20

To help you create that BE edge we offer an extensive selection of complements.  These all silk pocket squares, detailed tie bars, and sophisticated cufflinks are produced by high quality makers from across the US.  Upon request, we will also search for that special accessory that you have been looking for.  Our ultimate goal is to show you how to develop a stylish wardrobe with accents that set you apart from the rest.