Choosing the best shirt collar for your body type

By on April 27th, 2014

Do you think that there is just one type of shirt collar? Ha! Think again. But this doesn’t mean that choosing the best custom dress shirt collar for you needs to be complicated. Here are a few easy tips to ensure that you’re always choosing the best shirt collar for your body type.

If your face is relatively round or if you have a shorter neck, then go with a traditional point collar. The downward slant will help to create the resemblance of length. And if you are a larger guy, this style of collar will help you to look a little slimmer by creating the perception that your face is less round. Just make sure you stick to slim necktie knots like the American classic, The Four In Hand knot.


Using the same logic, if you are tall or have a long face, go with a spread collar – sometimes called a swept or cutaway collar. This can be a very modern look and works great with some of the larger knots (e.g. a Full Windsor knot).


Fall somewhere in the middle? Go with a classic collar. It has a medium height and slant that will work for most guys. You can wear this one casually or professionally with a variety of necktie knots.


By playing around with different dress shirt collars you can begin to see that by making subtle changes to your clothes you can help to create the image of slimness and length.

By Ryan Wagner