Northern Colorado Business Report – Living on the Bespoke Edge

By on March 8th, 2013

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You know that old college sweatshirt that wears so comfortably? Now imagine that same feeling in your suit Monday morning.

That’s the difference bespoke can make, according to Ron Wagner, owner of Windsor-based The Bespoke Edge.

The clothing company sells shirts, trousers, suits and coats, all made to order by a Singapore-based custom-clothing manufacturer.

Wagner worked in men’s clothing in Northern Colorado from 1977 to 2008, and then after a few years away from the industry, returned to open the Bespoke Edge in the fall.

Rather than maintaining a storefront, he comes to his clients’ homes or offices and takes the measurements himself. He then offers his expertise in choosing from hundreds of fabrics and designs, allowing the shopper to customize everything from tuck length to collar shape.

But in a region where even business professionals choose function over fashion, who exactly are the Bespoke Edge’s customers?

While Wagner believes in dressing for success, he also understands that Fort Collins isn’t New York. Which is why he offers shirt options that look good with jeans or left un-tucked and pants that can handle the bike commute without blowout. Of course, none of this stuff comes cheaply. Shirts start at $125, suits at $695. But, hey, you’ll look great!