My Father’s Cufflinks

By on February 22nd, 2013

My many years in the men’s clothing industry has certainly given me lots of opportunities to “dress up” in distinctive, fashionable outfits.  Learning the details about fashion and then being able to educate others on the importance of dressing well has been rewarding.  In my opinion, attention to detail when developing your wardrobe will always be the key. Of course, the basis of that sophisticated wardrobe from BE is the perfect fit and comfort of your handmade clothing.  But choosing the right accessories to give you that competitive edge is just as important.  When considering men’s jewelry, the old rule of “keep it simple” is still true today.  Besides a watch and ring, there are few articles of jewelry that a man should wear.  However, one acceptable and mostly overlooked piece of jewelry are cufflinks.


I have been wearing cufflinks on and off for years, but recently my interest has sparked again.  Seeing photos from the 1940’s and 50’s of my Father dressed up in double breasted suits and dress hats, I wondered if he had worn cufflinks.  He told me that he had a nice collection and he was happy to give them to me.  So when my wife and I celebrated Christmas with my folks, we all marveled at the great detail and classic designs of his cufflinks that he wore during those early years.  I am looking forward to sharpening up my suit and shirt combinations with these timeless accessories in the coming weeks. After some research I was quite surprised to discover that cufflinks have been a part of a man’s wardrobe since the Middle Ages.  By the 13th Century tailors began using buttons as fasteners and this trend gained popularity during the Renaissance.  Of course, cufflink designs and the materials to create them have certainly changed since my Father began wearing them in the late 40’s. But it is noteworthy that the distinctive detail and craftsmanship of these older cufflinks are still perfect for any man’s wardrobe today!

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