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How to choose a short sleeve dress shirt for summer

By on May 9th, 2020

If you ask us what our favorite dress shirts are, there’s a good chance that we will reference a short sleeve variety. Often made in a slightly more casual cloth and usually in a unique printed pattern, short sleeve dress shirts can be a ton of fun. But how should you go about buying a short sleeve dress shirt for summer?

Here’s the rundown on how to build one out:


Stick to lighter colors for during the day and darker varieties if you intend to wear it during the evening. We tend to recommend printed patterns because they often have a very playful feel to them. However, any one of our available shirt fabrics can be made up in a short sleeve style.

But we would advise against wearing a traditional business cloth, like a pinstripe. It’s just going to look a little odd in a short sleeve cut.


For a modern look, aim for the sleeve to end mid-bicep. And definitely choose a contrast fabric for the inside of the collar (perhaps the placket too) and match to the side gusset — a short sleeve shirt looks best worn untucked so you may as well show it off.

Also, opt for a button-down collar to keep the collar points in place since you probably won’t be wearing a neck tie (just remember to unbutton these when washing).

a short sleeve dress shirt for summer this year

Wrap up: buying a short sleeve dress shirt for summer

Remember, a short sleeve dress shirt will inherently be more casual than a long sleeve variety. Therefore, lean into it versus trying to dress it up. And when it’s really hot outside, feel free to wear a short sleeve shirt under a casual sport coat or summer-weight suit.

short sleeve dress shirt for summer in Denver

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