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Should you wear a tie this summer?

By on August 3rd, 2014

It dawned on me recently that I hadn’t worn a tie in a couple months. If you’ve worked with Ron recently you are surely aware that he is almost always in a neck tie, but for me personally, the warm weather has gotten me very accustomed to going open collar.

If anything, I’m looking at my ‘open collar summer’ as a pleasant reminder of how much I love the seasons. Because every few months there is another opportunity to try something new.

I love wearing a tie and layering with a sweater or vest in the cooler months. Or throwing on a blazer that will not only keep the chill out but also look great. And in the summer, it can really be refreshing to take a break from wearing a tie and instead unbutton the collar a bit.

But only the first two buttons. Men shouldn’t be showing more chest than the ladies.

To a large extent, summer will always be a more casual time than fall or winter, but don’t think that because I’m talking about skimping on the tie I’m advocating a relaxed approach in all that you do. Instead, summer is a time to wear those breathable fabrics – cotton jackets, linen and cotton-linen blends.

You may not be wearing a tie, but a nice unstructured jacket with a cotton pocket square will still dress you up. And without a tie you’ll be able to keep your cool.

So, food for thought. Wearing a tie should never feel like an obligation, but rather a privilege. It’s important to know how to wear a tie, but it’s also important to know how to not wear a tie in those warmer months.

By Ryan Wagner