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Our interview with Some Like it Classic (wedding planning from the desert to the mountains)

By on February 23rd, 2018

As many of you probably know, we split our time between Colorado and Arizona, meeting with our clients to build them a spectacular wedding suit or business suit. And not too long ago, we found our event planning mirror image in the team behind the event planning company, Some Like it Classic (SLIC). Leading ladies Whitney and Kayla direct a talented team of planners that produce beautiful weddings throughout Arizona and Colorado.

Recently, SLIC was even invited to plan an industry event for the Wedding Industry Professionals Association, a group that BE is proud to be a part of in both states.

I sat down with Whitney and Kayla recently to ask some specific questions and to learn more about the value they bring their couples.

[Ryan] How did you two find your way into the world of wedding planning?

[Whitney and Kayla] Events have always been a passion for us. We really love the logistics and all the moving parts that have to work just right to make a day perfect no matter what the event is. Weddings allow us to be super creative and be a part of a families special day.

Can you tell us a little bit about Some Like it Classic? What makes your approach to event planning different?

Some Like It Classic or SLIC (pronounced: slick) as we are referred to in the wedding world is a company for every bride because we do not believe in doing the same thing twice. We want classic weddings with unique elements for our couples so their wedding is set apart from any other wedding their guests may attend. Our company takes pride in being experts in weddings so those are the only events we do. We love how being a wedding designer and planner makes us hop from the left-brain of logic to our right-brain of imagination. We think it’s extremely important at Some Like It Classic to be great at both sides. We are known for not only really beautiful and unique weddings but really organized and on-time wedding days because of our detailed timelines. We believe attention to detail in every aspect is important.

Some Like it Classic

I know that you’ve planned a ton of weddings — I imagine you have some great stories! What was one that really stood out and why?

We have had so many fun and exciting weddings! It is so hard to pick just one!! We have made a lot of great friends along the way. Couples who have hired us and then through the planning process became our true friends. So being able to not only help create their special day and help their process be smooth and stress-free, but also getting to watch them say “I do” is super special. So those couples who become friends along the way are definitely some of our favorite weddings to talk about. There have also been the weddings where the couples surprise their guests with fireworks and being the one to tell the pyrotechnician “FIRE” over the phone when it’s time to set the fireworks off is so much fun. Seeing the guests faces is pretty awesome.

When searching for an event planner, what are the most important qualities that a couple should be looking for?

It is important to find someone who wants the best for you on your wedding day, and who understands that wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming. You want a planner who is very detail oriented and who is going to have every inch of wedding day planned out from the time you wake up, to your make up and hair. Just being with you until the time you go to bed happy and exhausted from your special day!! You also want someone who is going to listen to what you are envisioning for your wedding day, after all it is your day, but who can also add unique ideas as well as their expertise.

Contact information: Some Like it Classic

Reach out to Whitney and Kayla via their website here. And of course, on Instagram!

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