Spotlight on fine art photographer, Tamara Gruner

By on February 25th, 2017

As Bespoke Edge matures, we are beginning to realize that our clothing tends to look absolutely great on film. Then again, most things do! Recently, I had a cup of coffee with one of Colorado’s leading fine art wedding photographers, Tamara Gruner.

When you sit down with Tamara it becomes clear very quickly that she’s a wonderful person. Very personable, yet efficient — two qualities that I think make for an excellent wedding photographer.  She’s even a growing name in her field and is busy organizing a photography workshop to be held in France later in the spring.

Here are some highlights from our talk:

[Ryan] You have quite an interesting background in a technical field, can you explain why you made the switch to fine art?

[Tamara] Yes, originally I am a PhD in Cancer Research. Although I took a different career path, at first, I was always associated with photography from the beginning of my life. My dad was a photographer primarily bringing out the art of landscape and event photography. Although he passed away when I was very young I grew up with his art and passion for photography. I wanted to follow my passion for photography. I started my business in April 2013 and together we are a boutique photographer team – a husband and wife dream team. Thanks to my role model Jose Villa, whose workshop I attended November 2014, I discovered film photography new and I simply love what I am doing best – capturing the love between two people.

Tamara Gruner wedding photography

When shooting, where do you draw inspiration from?

I am inspired by beautiful people and things. A beautiful wedding is the perfect inspiration for me and makes me feel to give my best on that day. I want to produce beautiful images for the couple, the vendors, and myself.

What should grooms understand about film versus digital photography?

I am a fine art wedding photographer and I shoot in both film and digital formats (more film than digital). I work with the finest vendor when it comes to film processing (Richard Photo Lab). Shooting in film makes me think before I press the shutter – I need to first frame the image correctly. This makes every image unique unlike digital shooters who often deliver images of the same frame / type. Image colors of film images are also more beautiful and richer than digital images. I simply love film photography based on the quality of images and quality always pays over quantity.

Tamara Gruner photo and wedding suit

What do you want your photos to be remembered for?

I aspire to produce artistic, timeless, and romantic pictures the couple will cherish for the rest of their lives. My favorite time of the day is during sunset – when the light at its best to capture romance.

Contact Tamara Gruner

See more of Tamara Gruner’s excellent work on her website, here, or send her a message via her contact form.

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