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6 style mistakes that women notice

By on July 20th, 2014

It’s always a good idea to ask for a girl’s opinion.

I think this is true for many things but especially when it comes to men’s style.

Why? Well, let’s face it guys – many times we are dressing to impress the opposite sex. And to help keep you on the right track, I set out to see if I could gain a little insider knowledge. What I’ve done recently is reach out to two very fashionable ladies – Stephanie and Courtney from the blog The Darling Two.

I asked this Denver based duo what they thought were a handful of style blunders that us guys make. Here’s what they came back with:


#1: Your suit needs to fit you

[Stephanie and Courtney] If your suit doesn’t fit, you might as well not wear one. Every man is built differently, so if your suit jacket is too big across the shoulders or the pants are too long and baggy, it wasn’t made for you. Take the extra time to go get fitted and invest in a properly tailored suit. There are not many things women love more than a man in a good suit.

#2: Big clothes equal big problems

Oversized works for women, not for you. Wearing clothes that are too big on you gives the wrong impression in every way. Dress shirts that are ‘blousy’ in the front or the back are undeniably unflattering and make you look sloppy. So please buy things that are your size…and if you don’t know what your size is, you should probably seek some assistance and find out.

#3: No pleats!

Pleats…beware of the pleats. They come on shirts and pants, and any man who’s not paying attention wouldn’t even notice they’re there. Just be very careful when picking out items with pleats and pay attention to your shape, because they can add awkward  puckers and bumps.

#4: Date night

Using a polo shirt to ‘dress up’ for date night is not putting in the extra effort. We don’t know about you, but date nights don’t come as often as we would like. So make them more special and put on a button-down shirt, or even go a little GQ with a fitted tee and a blazer.

#5: Have some fun with your socks

Socks…we see you. Peeking out from under your slacks or rising from your sneakers. There are a plethora of really amazing dress socks in every color, print and solid you can imagine, and there are socks made specifically to go with your tennis shoes. Just make sure you match them accordingly. And when your white socks aren’t white anymore, pitch them.

#6: Shorts are OK, except…

The length of your shorts is VERY important. Too long is sloppy, and too short is just scary. Our advice: shorts should hit between the mid-thigh and just above the knee.


[Bespoke Edge] So what do you think? Are you guilty of any of these style blunders?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you are well aware that we feel that fit is the single most important aspect of how a man dresses. That it’s not the label on your clothes, but the fit that really matters.

But what about #4? Are you still wearing that semi-faded polo shirt out on a date? From Stephanie and Courtney’s response above, a nice shirt will go a long way. And wearing a blazer is a great idea. Your go-to dark blazer can serve double duty – wear it to the office during the week and then spruce it up with a sport shirt (and pocket square?!) for Saturday night.

And #5 is another good one. Why? Because socks are cheap! I like finding mine at Nordstrom’s Rack on sale. You can go somewhat conservative or really bold, it’s all up to you. Regardless, having at least a couple fun socks in your drawer will boost your sock appeal :).

Did we miss something? Sound off in the comments below.

By Ryan Wagner