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The one button jacket, yes you can (and should) wear one

By on October 5th, 2014

Do you own a single button jacket? Probably not, right? It’s easy to think that the only men capable of wearing a one button jacket are Italian men on their way to, or returning from, their morning espresso. But the truth is, all men can wear a one button jacket.

Now it does take a little bit of swagger to pull off because it is a more fashion forward design, but don’t let that scare you off, this type of jacket can be very versatile.

Let’s consider two ends of the spectrum…

one button jacket

One button jacket: At the office

A one button jacket is always going to be a little bit more casual than anything where you’re more buttoned up like a 2 button or a double breasted jacket. So if you have that big presentation or you’re asking for money from someone, exercise a little caution and dress a little bit more formal that day.

However, for an average day at the office when you’re working with clients and going out to lunch, a one button jacket should be just fine. You’ll exude casual sophistication!

Just be careful if you need to wear a tie as this can be tricky with only one button. Unless you have a high button location you’re going to see a whole lot more necktie than usual. And even if your button is placed higher than usual you’re going to see more of your tie than you want to below it! In my personal opinion, I think you’re better off wearing a great looking dress shirt and sporting a pocket square than you are reaching for a neck tie.

Bottom line: A one button jacket is perfectly acceptable for the office. It’ll set you apart from the crowd and help to create an image of effortless style.

One button jacket: Date night

A night out on the town is reason enough to own at least one single button jacket. It is going to instantly provide you with some style credit.

Just pick a dark color (not pure black) and make sure it fits. You’ll be able to pair it with almost any pair of pants and plenty of different shirts. Go dressy with a white shirt and French cuffs and pressed white pocket square – very James Bond! Or, dress it down with a carefully chosen T-shirt.

Bottom line: Instant style boost – your significant other will notice.