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Travel with a suit in style

By on November 22nd, 2014

There’s really no way to sugar coat it – having to travel with a suit can be a real pain.

Over the years, we’ve heard all kinds of techniques to help ensure that your suit arrives at its destination in good condition. A simple YouTube search will yield dozens of videos claiming to have the best way to pack a suit. But what you start to realize after watching all these videos is that you still have no idea how your own suit is going to hold up.

Folding your suit neatly in your carry on luggage is one thing, but after you squeeze in a few more last minute items and toss it up in the overhead compartment, who’s to say how many new pressure points and unwanted creases you have in your favorite suit?

However, there’s finally a new product out there that may actually be able to help us guys out. The Suitroller is a great looking piece of luggage that rolls up both your jacket and your pants in one piece. Apparently, the design puts near continuous pressure along the whole suit, thereby mitigating the chance for unexpected pressure points.

What else can you do?

Firstly, you can wear your suit on the plane. But before you sit down, take off your jacket and lay it on your lap. It’s a bit of a pain, and let’s face it, you’re only going to consider doing this for short flights, but this way you can keep a close eye on your jacket and keep it crease free.

Secondly, when you arrive at your destination, the first thing you should do is to take out your suit and hang it up. Fine quality fabrics are more likely to return to their normal lengths. You can also hang your suit up in the shower and give it a bit of a steam. And if you really, really, need some help, call up the concierge and have them give it a proper steam treatment.

But the thing to remember is that even a badly wrinkled suit will normally come back to life overnight. And if you still have problems, then it’s probably time to upgrade and get yourself a finer quality suit!

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