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What the color of your tie says about you

By on September 7th, 2014

Now this blog post falls a little bit into the category of personal branding. You already know that the way you dress can (and will) directly send a message to your customers, your boss and really everyone around you. So just as a pair of baggy shorts in the office will earn you a different level of respect than had you worn a sportcoat and pants, so too will the color of your tie.

But don’t think that this is a complicated subject. In fact, choosing the color is the simplest part – you still have to ensure the tie matches!

If you follow this blog then you’re already a pro. And to boost your style IQ just a little bit more, here are some tips when choosing the color of your tie.


As you can probably guess, red is a powerful color. That’s why so many speakers who put themselves in front of hundreds of people are usually opting for a red neck tie.

For when you need to be the center of attention – go red.


Blue is certainly more of an approachable color than red. And time and time again, the color blue has been empirically shown to project an image of honesty and trust.

When you’re asking someone for money – whether you’re in sales or simply looking to refinance your home – reach for blue.


Purple is a great option for when you want to be a little bold, but not so much as to wear red. And the different shades of purple are non-traditional colors in the workplace. So you’ll be setting yourself apart from the pack and projecting a sense of confidence.


This one’s tricky because if you don’t get it right, it can come off being too distracting. That’s why we recommend toning down your green ties with a vest or choosing a plaid where green isn’t even one of the primary colors.

However, green certainly holds its ground in the springtime when all of us are itching for a little more color in the scenery anyway!

What’s your go-to neck tie color? And you know how to tie one, right? If not, no problem at all, here’s our handy guide.