Why we don’t sell suits online

By on March 11th, 2015

We don’t compromise.

That’s what makes BE, BE.

It’s a lesson my father taught Brett and I when were were still young.

We could sell suits online, but…

We would not be able to stand behind the fit.

And that’s very important to us. Our reputation is built on great fitting clothes.

Sure, we could put in the time and energy to build out an online customization process for ordering suits. We could build in options for surgeon cuffs and lapel options, and so on. And we could make videos to teach a friend how to measure you.

But we just don’t think that the finished product would fit you like you had imaged.

To better understand our reluctance to sell suits online, consider a typical BE appointment:

Ron meets with you in your home or office and gets an idea for what it is you’re looking to accomplish. And the occasion. Once you decide on a fabric and appropriate style details, then Ron pulls out the tape measure. For the shirt, the process is relatively straight forward.

However, a suit can get a whole lot more complicated. Ron takes 21 measurements. The whole time he’s pulling the tape measure across you, he’s applying “the art form.”

A little tolerance here, a little tolerance there…

All a function of your posture and the line of your shoulders.

It all adds up in a way that will meet (or exceed) your expectations in fit. These tolerances are based on your conversation with Ron – the occasion, your sense of style, your goals – all integrated together to constitute your measurement profile, one as individual as your own signature.

That’s tough to do in an online store.

We won’t ship unless we are sure the fit is correct

Sometimes, we’ll ship your shirts to you. But only if you’ve purchased clothes from us before. Why? Because we want to be sure that the fit is perfect.

That’s why for new clients, Ron will always personally deliver the suit, shirt, pants – whatever it may be – so he can be sure you’re happy with what you ordered. The second time around, if it’s more convenient for you, we can ship your order via FedEx.

But for suits, they just aren’t something we are willing to ship. Instead, we take the time to freshly steam your suit purchase and make sure it’s looking like a million bucks. Then, Ron will deliver it to you in a valet cover and you’ll get to see it in all its glory.

Other ways that we refuse to compromise

  • Ron could end the appointment the moment his parking meter expires, but that would be compromising your experience.
  • We could save some money by not offering any further tailoring, but that would be compromising.
  • We could offer you fewer fabrics, but that would be compromising.
  • We could tell you that we’re only available for appointments Monday through Friday, but that would be compromising.
  • We could choose to partner with any vendor we wanted to – including those that may not reflect our same level of quality in their product – but that too, would be compromising.

And you could shop at the mall for your suit, but we know you don’t want to compromise either….!


From all of us at Bespoke Edge, we want to remind you that we are in it for the long haul.

You’ve put your trust in us, and so it is our duty to you to never compromise. To keep exceeding your expectations, day after day.

Featured image credit: Ash Imagery