Your poolside fashion checklist

By on June 28th, 2014

Well, we made it to summer everyone! Wash Park is packed to the brim, the 14ers are drying off and you just received your invite to a pool party. Time to pull out the faded polo shirt and ball cap, right?

No! Please, no!

The BE crew is here to help with your poolside fashion. Here’s your 2014 guide to the summer pool party.

1. Button down shirt

In the land of T-shirts, bro-tanks and the prolific Hawaiian print (we are a long ways from Hawaii, fellas), wearing a casual button down shirt will set you apart. Suddenly, you are the sophisticated gentlemen among boys.

A long sleeve shirt is great. Wear it untucked and then you can roll the sleeves up and unbutton the top button when the mercury rises. Linen reigns supreme for summer, but don’t discount cotton and cotton blends. Still afraid you’ll overheat? Then go with a short sleeve button up. Regardless which route you choose, be sure your shirt tails have been shortened. Otherwise, it’ll simply look as though you forgot to tuck in your shirt in the first place!

And yes, a few wrinkles in your shirt are OK for the pool.


2. Shorts (that fit!)

When the sun beats down with vengeance and you’re trying to maintain a conversation it’s important you keep your cool. And for maximum breathabillity you need to bust out the shorts. But if you’re wearing a decent shirt, you can’t just pull out the cargo shorts you had in college.

Keep this in mind: Stick with a closer fit to the thighs and shorts that end just above the knee. Any lower and not only will you appear shorter, but it may seem as though you’re swimming in your clothes instead of the pool.

3. Decent shoes

It’s been said that the way a man treats his shoes is how he treats himself. Yes, hanging out at the pool is casual. But let’s not ruin your look with sandals you’ve had for 5 years. You know exactly what I’m talking about. And yes, you should go and throw them out right now (I’ll wait).

Whether you opt for flip flops, boat shoes or something more formal, just be sure they aren’t scuffed or faded. And leave the socks in your drawer.

4. Sunglasses

How can you have an intelligent conversation with the opposite sex while squinting into the sun? Unless you’re Clint Eastwood, you can’t. Normally, it’s a wise move to remove your sunglasses while engaging in conversation, but at the pool, you get a pass. It’s bright out and the reflection off the water isn’t making things any easier. That being said, pick a good pair that you like and forget the fads. Sunglasses are perhaps the least complicated wearable plastic to manufacture and yet somehow the most expensive. Here’s an interesting article on the subject.


What missing?

While we may not be able to teach you the fine art of conversation or instill in you a detailed knowledge of summer cocktails, we do hope that you’ll at least be well dressed. And that’s half the battle, isn’t it?

Did I miss something? What’s your go-to poolside outfit?

By Ryan Wagner