Black Chevron Gingham


An elegant black chevron gingham.

This is the same fabric as our brown chevron gingham and is one of our finest cottons. In black, this fabric will make an elegant shirt. Pair with a dark suit and pressed white pocketsquare for a sophisticated look. However, this shirt will certainly work for any business casual office.

100's x 100's Italian imported cotton, Canclini.

Made in the USA.

  • Traditional Point
  • Modified Spread
  • Half Cutaway Spread
  • Full Cutaway
  • Button Down
  • Pleated Front
  • French Front
  • Smooth Back
  • Regular Back
  • Box Pleat Back
  • BE Signature Cuff
  • One Button Cuff
  • Two Button Square Cuff
  • Square Corner French Cuff
  • Round Corner French Cuff
  • Regular Pocket
  • Round Pocket
  • None

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