Signature Line

The Bespoke Edge Signature Line is comprised of our finest fabrics sourced from some of the most elite mills in the world. This is luxury menswear.

With an emphasis on hand stitching and superior fabrics, the BE Signature Line will look and feel like the luxury clothing that it is. These suits are for the men that know what they want in life. They have the generosity and experience to mentor others, the ambition to leave their mark, and the style to know what they want in a suit.

We want to help you refine your personal branding.


  • Hand stitched edges on jackets
  • Body lining finished by hand for superior tailoring control


  • Fully hand stitched fly, pocket construction, and edges
  • Hand-stitched waistband for maximum comfort and feel


  • Imported horn buttons
  • Featuring the esteemed Bemberg Ryaon Lining
  • Cold water shrunk canvas


  • New Zealand meriono wools in super 140s, 150s, and 160s
  • Fabrics with the fidelity and teture to command a room

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