Style Basics

17 easy style tips for men

By on March 2nd, 2014

As many of you know, here at Bespoke Edge, we are in the business of educating men on how to dress better. Because like it or not, we all make judgments on how people present themselves. Fortunately, dressing well can be the easy part.

So, the BE brain trust got together over some beers and put together the following list of 17 easy style tips to help you look your best.

1. If you have a slim suit then you don’t need a break in your trousers. A break at the pant is just that, a break. And the nice clean look of a slim cut suit demands a nice clean finish.

2. Everyone needs a fun tie. We’re thinking dinosaurs.

3. French cuffs are your friend, not your enemy. And yes, you can still roll up the sleeves, just be sure to pocket those nice cufflinks of yours.

4. Do your pants fit? You should be able to slide two fingers inside the waistband. Anymore and your pants are too loose.

5. Own one black tie.

6. Buy one really nice cardigan. Preferably dark blue or black. You won’t regret it.

7. Have at least one pair of bold socks.

8. Vests are cool now (were they ever not?!). You need one in your closet.

9. Wear your tie nice and neat until 3:00 pm, then loosen at the collar and roll those sleeves up.

10. Match the width of the widest portion of your neck tie to your lapel on your suit jacket.

11. If you’re shopping for a second suit, go with a shark skin fabric. This will become your perfect daytime suit.

12. Are you a grandpa? No? Then stop wearing pleats!

13. Your pocket square should refer to your tie/shirt – not match it exactly.

14. Bow ties aren’t just for little boys and grooms – it’s time to give them an honest try.

15. Never button your bottom button on your suit or vest.

16. Is it date night? Throw on a dark blazer. You’ll thank us later.

17. Whatever you do, don’t wear suspenders with your belt!

And if you want more(!) here are 4 specific style tips for the fall season.