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2 key items for a spring blizzard

By on March 24th, 2016

This morning, I woke up to a truck with its doors frozen shut, 16 inches of snow on the ground, and a 3 foot high pile of snow on the street from the snow plows. All courtesy of a record breaking spring blizzard in Boulder.

Around Colorado, we are all digging out in different ways. But being spring, the snow is wet and heavy and the weather will soon warm. For me, that means I probably won’t need my bulky winter shell jacket or heavy insulation mid-layer when I’m out working and commuting.

Instead, I’m going to rely on two things today:

Fisherman’s Sweater

There’s nothing quite like the thick, almost rope-like construction of a fisherman’s sweater. In fact, it will probably be the most functional item in all of your closet. And remember, wool retains much of its warmth even while wet.

And a brief survey among your female friends will likely confirm what I learned myself – that many women love a man in a soft cable-knit sweater. Ever since Steve McQueen first donned one, smart guys have been following suit.

Look for one with a half pop on the collar and a roll on the cuffs.


No, I don’t mean your hiking boots. For those of us that work out of offices and coffee shops, we don’t need a crampon tolerant design to help get us over the curb. I think you should leave your weekend gear for the weekends.

Instead, get yourself a pair of boots that can survive a snowy mess on Blake Street, have enough grip to conquer the slippery steps on the Light Rail and still wipe clean and look great for when you finally arrive at the office. Simply put, the kind of boot that can take a beating and with a little love, still look great for work.

Sound like too much to ask? There are plenty of great options out there. Choose something with a clean, simple look and it will be in style for years to come. And if you opt for something with a bit of a heel they will even be suggestive of cowboy boots. Then again, cowboy boots check all the boxes above, just buy cowboy boots!

Depending on how far west your disposition lies, check out the offerings from Frye or Ariat.

Cole Haan boots in snow

Wrap up

Yes, there are plenty of other items you may need as you dig out of the snow, but personally, I don’t think anything is as fun as wearing a big bulky sweater with some robust boots.


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