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4 easy style tips for fall

By on September 7th, 2015

Good news and bad news, fellas. The good news is that out here in Colorado, we have several more weeks of warm weather on the way. You won’t need to cover up the grill or put away the swim trunks just yet. The bad news is that cooler weather is certainly coming. But you have nothing to worry about because we have some easy style tips for fall for you.

Even as I write this, in my beloved summer tank top (should I have admitted that?), it feels a little cooler outside. And if you look closely, some of the trees are on the verge of turning yellow.

Wait just a minute. Is this really a bad thing? Perhaps we should swap our good and bad news. It’s through the passage of the seasons that we can better understand the passage of time – I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

So, let’s transition to Fall. Halloween is on the way, as is Turkey Day. College football, hard cider, sweaters, wool sport coats.

I’ll be writing a handful of blog posts on Fall style this year to help you dress sharp as the weather cools. We’re going to keep things both practical and stylish.

To get things started, here are 4 easy style tips for Fall:

1. Start wearing a sport coat for what it is: a jacket

More than just for dressing up, sport coats are functional. And the heavier in fabric you go, the warmer you’ll be and the better you’ll keep the elements out. In fact, I’d say that the sport coat is the perfect transition piece – when the warm days of autumn turn chilly with a strong wind in the evening, just turn up the lapel, put on some nice leather gloves, maybe a hat, and you’re good to go.

2. Brown’s not such a bad color after all

GQ recently ran an interesting article on the brown suit, check it out here. The gist of the article was that brown suits shouldn’t be thought of as being retro or reserved for the corporate environment. Instead, they can set you apart when done right. And with a crisp white shirt, it can be a knock out look.

3. Use texture to your advantage

Sweaters and cardigans can be a lot of fun – they can give your look a huge boost. Invest in one really nice sweater this season. Maybe it’s cashmere or maybe it’s a very nice merino wool. Either way, make sure it’s soft – women notice these things.

4. Mix gray hues with some color

Gray is a bit of a staple during the cooler months of the year, but what we like to do is pair it with a blue. For instance, in the below image, Brett is wearing some very basic grey pants, but offsets the overall look with a sharp blue sport coat. This look works equally well during the Fall and in the winter.


Check out more photos from the Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine shoot here.

P.S. Don’t forget to layer up, too!