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4 quick style tips for fall

By on November 6th, 2017

Fall is a great time of year from a sartorial perspective, because it can be the perfect opportunity for guys to start dressing better. After all, the warm days of summer don’t call for much clothing anyway, but in the fall, it’s smart to layer up for those cool mornings and evenings. Here are four of our favorite style tips for fall. They are easy to implement and will have a huge ROI.

Wear a turtleneck (yes, they are in style)

Truth is, turtlenecks never really went out of style, it’s just that fewer men have been wearing them. And that’s a shame, because just like a tuxedo, all men look great in a turtleneck.

They have been a staple on the fashion runways for years now. And with contemporary menswear taking some cues from mid-century style (Don Draper wore turtlenecks!), this fall may be the best time ever to start wearing one.

But it does need to be chilly outside. After all, this is a sweater, and with it covering your neck, you may be a little warmer than you would be in something like a v-neck merino wool sweater.

When the mercury dips down low, grab a turtleneck in a dark hue or maybe a maroon if you want to look extra sharp, and pair with a sportcoat. Pop the collar when you’re out and about and keep your driving gloves in your side pockets for easy access.

The leather jacket

Ever since Steve McQueen made leather jackets the ultimate expression of cool, men have been searching for the perfect one (I’m still looking).

But just like suits, not all leather jackets are the same. Perhaps your favorite is more like the perfect-for-all-things-casual bomber jacket. Or maybe you like the sex appeal of any one of the variations on the motorcycle jacket, like Brett’s jacket, below.

leather jacket and fall style tips

No matter what you choose, remember two things:

  1. Don’t skimp on the leather quality. Today, it feels like there are more low quality jackets available than there ever have been. The price tag sure might be attractive, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for.
  2. Do your best to wear your leather jacket like Steve McQueen. In other words, put it on and forget you’re wearing it.

After work: Pair a dark shirt with your go-to sportcoat

For an after work happy hour drink or evening meeting, simply swap out your white dress shirt for something a little darker, as darker hues are best for evening attire.

It’s a small change, but one that makes a big difference in your appearance. You may have worn that same sport coat to the office, but when you lose the neck tie, darken up the whole look, and add a pocket square, you’re ready for an evening out. This tip is one of our favorite style tips for fall because of its big impact, with a relatively small adjustment.

fall style tips for fall

Rock a scarf

In Colorado, we have a very frontier attitude. That’s partly why we see so many mountain rain shells being worn all over town. When the temperature drops, we have a tendency to just zip up our jackets and tuck our chins down to stay warm.

A far better option is to make like a Parisian and wear a jacket with a scarf.

Wool and cashmere will certainly keep you warm in wet and snowy conditions. But don’t think that your scarf has to be heavy. There are even plenty of great options in cotton. They will be freezing when wet, but for a sunny 50 deg day in Denver (or a 70 degree day in Scottsdale 😉 ), they are perfect.

And if you want something a little elegant and sophisticated, look for a soft silk or woolen/silk blend.

some cotton and woolen scarf options

Style tips for fall: Wrap up

Adopting just one of these tips will most definitely boost your fall style. If I had to choose a personal favorite, I would say wear a scarf. It’s not only economical, but downright practical, as scarves can be used for all sorts of things.

Regardless, remember that fall is an opportunity to layer up and stay warm. Fortunately, doing so with style is easy! And if you’re looking for more inspiration, our Lookbook is always a great place to go.

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