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5 spring style tips for men

By on April 2nd, 2015

Winter storm warnings and 72 degree days — both within the same 72 hours. Such an unlikely juxtaposition can mean only one thing: Springtime in Denver. The warming weather provides us men the opportunity to shed a few layers and remind those around us that we are completely capable of dressing ourselves. But don’t reach for your shorts just yet. There will still be cool days ahead before the mercury rises for good. In this blog post, I want to suggest 5 spring style tips for men, easy ways for you to look your best this season.


Two things you need to know for Spring:

Firstly, a trend that is emerging is that there is going to be a lot of blue. Even building entire looks around different shades of blue.

Secondly, menswear is getting a little more manly this season. Now, I should be clear that a nicely tailored fit isn’t going anywhere, but I think we are going to begin seeing a bit of a rebound from the skinny menswear trend. All of those skinny ties and suspenders and belts are beginning to grow in width just a little. Belts are widening too.

The Takeaway: Come out of hibernation this winter with a renewed interest in your style. Shed some layers, rock those blues, and accessorize like John Wayne was looking over your shoulder.


Choose a dress shirt with a collar strong enough to stand up all on its own and a fabric with some real character. Check, houndstooth, chevron; whatever it may be. You probably have enough conservative shirts at home, so make this the year you try something a little more interesting.



Selvage jeans aren’t going anywhere, but consider adding another style to your lineup. Find something in a breathable cotton, like a chino. Or go full tilt and get some nice linen pants. And in case you were wondering, it’s completely OK to not wear jeans to the office this spring!


Good news fellas, that big belt you like wearing? Well, it’s finally in style! Western-style belts are back, so opt for a large buckle and something a little less shiny than you may ordinarily wear.


This is the year that you need to start sporting some quality wingtips. And unless your feet are exceptionally moisture prone, skip the socks on the warmer days. Our stylish European cousins are on to something – going sockless is a great look.

Odds and ends

Get yourself a robust leather wallet, if you’re due for an upgrade (you probably are).

And start taking a fresh look at cotton neck ties and pocket squares. Warm weather gives us an opportunity to leave the wool suit at home and instead reach for a cotton or linen jacket. Consequently, the fabric of your tie must match.

“Your performance at work has nothing to do with the way that you dress. So why not dress like a million bucks?”

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