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BE’s Signature Collar

By on July 30th, 2013

Creating one-of-a-kind clothing pieces is what we do at Bespoke Edge. So, when the company was first launched in the Fall of 2012, our original shirt design was built for my son, Ryan, for his personal wardrobe. We essentially took a classic widespread collar that can be found in many stores and recreated our own BE signature collar. The most distinguishing feature of this BE collar is the double button placement that we coupled with a higher, slight cut-away collar shape. Then the collar height was increased to 1 ¾ inches. The result is a very fashionable, European look that gives our customers a stylish collar model which stands firm around the neckline.

BE Signature Collar

Our signature collar is a great choice for business casual, but should also be considered when paired with jeans. For example, BE has hundreds of fresh, colorful fabric choices in countless stripes, checks, windowpanes, and prints. Popular color choices this summer include lavenders and purples, pink shades, teals, and many blues and periwinkle tones. Beginning with one of these great colors, we can help you to customize your shirt into something truly unique – choose another fabric that will become a contrast inlay placed inside the collar, cuffs, or even the shirt plackets. Now add some contrast button and buttonhole stitching and your shirt is as unique as you are. Let’s get together soon and build that one-of-a-kind shirt for you!


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