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The only 2 casual dress shirts you need

By on January 15th, 2015

No matter how regal your sartorial leanings may be, we all find ourselves in a spot sometimes where we just want to wear something a bit more casual and roll the sleeves up. So, this week we are taking a close look at the 2 casual dress shirts you need. Not only are they versatile, but they are unique options to help set you apart from the crowd.


Plaid is back in style, gentlemen. Although, one could argue that it never really fell out of style!

And today we have far more options of plaid shirts from which to choose than we did years ago. So, it makes perfect sense that if you’re going to wear plaid, it may as well be something unique!

Here’s an example:


It’s a winter-weight plaid – so it’s great for the present season – and it has a lot more complexity than what you may think of as a common plaid pattern. Due to its heavier construction, the shirt comes off more casual. However, you can still pair a nice knit neck tie in a green, blue or brown shade. Add a pocket or two, roll the sleeves up, add a cardigan, and you have a great looking casual outfit.


Chambray is a very popular fabric today. It’s a mid-weight cotton and is especially popular among men who work in a more relaxed office environment and don’t want to look too dressed up (what’s that?!).

Regardless, we really like the chambray because of its versatility. Not only is it the perfect casual shirt for when you want to dress it down and roll the sleeves up, but you can still pair a great looking bold neck tie and wear your best pants. And don’t forget your blazer!


In case you were wondering about pockets, yes, this is the shirt you want to put some pockets on. Add one or two. Maybe one with a flap, maybe one without.

There’s just something about a chambray fabric that seems to say “I’m here to get some work done!”


So, there you have it. Two casual shirts that need to be in your closet. In our experience, there are just so many combinations you can build with these shirts that we think these 2 can give you the best bang for your buck! And if you think you’ll wear them untucked frequently, include some contrast shirt gussets.

But…if we wanted to add a third shirt, it might just be the Daily Rider style.