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Denver Gents: the dapper organization that you need to join

By on February 23rd, 2018

A couple months back I saw an interesting “suggested profile” on my Instagram: @denvergents. There were’t many posts published and there was no link to a website or anything. There was talk of an event and despite being intrigued in this Denver Gents concept, I took no action.

Fast forward to one of my evening meetings several weeks afterwards and I met a gentlemen who attended the group’s first event. He told me that it was spectacular and attended by some really great people. Suffice it to say, I promised myself that I would not make the same mistake twice!

After doing a little digging, I tracked down the group’s two founders, Delroy Gill and Stu Crowell. Ron and I grabbed lunch with the very kind and sartorially savvy duo last week and I followed up with some questions.

So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know about this unique group.

[Ryan] Denver Gents has only had one formal meeting, right? But generated quite a bit of buzz. Can you give us a little bit of background on the group and how the concept found its start?

[Delroy/Stu] The group was born out of an idea to create a community around dressing well, having fun, and giving back. Ultimately, we started an Instagram page (@denvergents) to see if anyone would be interested. We were surprised and excited by the nearly overnight response we received. We felt that we really struck a cord with this community. Our first event proved that and now we’re looking to do bigger and better things.

Who are the types of men that attended your first event? What makes a guy a “Denver Gent”?

We had a very diverse crowd which was awesome to see. There were gents of all professions and backgrounds. It was refreshing to see so many different individuals laughing and bonding in one space. Gent of course is short for Gentlemen, and our thought is that chivalry isn’t dead! Ultimately, we want to see men succeeding in their home life, family life, professional life, spiritual and mental life, and feeling good about themselves and their ability to make an impact. It’s a mindset that we want to share, live a positive life and positive things happen.

The Denver Gents guys

You two are both clearly well dressed men yourselves, why is it important to you that you dress sharp?

Dressing sharp is a vehicle for great things to happen. We see it two ways. First, when you get prepared in the morning and throw something nice on before you walk out the door, you’re bound to have a bit more swagger. I don’t mean arrogance, I mean self-confidence. Ultimately, self confidence allows you do to bigger and better things, think of it as your suit of armor if you will. Second, dressing professional always gets attention. Even if being the best dressed in the room makes you feel uncomfortable I guarantee you the others in that same room are impressed by you more than any other feeling. It’s a shortcut to tell others that you take whatever you’re doing seriously.

What does the future hold for Denver Gents?

First, we’re shifting our focus to become a charitable organization, which became official earlier this month. We want to have a lasting impact on youth in need here in this city. That’s our ultimate goal. Additionally, we’re focused on throwing bigger and better events. We have some ideas that we think will really blow people’s minds. The two of us are sick of seeing the same old events that everyone goes to, we want to add a bit of flavor to every event we throw and make it a unique experience for the Denver Gents.

Interested in getting involved?

Be sure to follow the group on Instagram to stay in the know of further happenings: @denvergents

Pro tip: To attend the events, men are required to wear a pocket square and tailored suit (now you know why I have no quarrels advocating for this group!). Here’s a refresher on how to wear a pocket square.