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Dionne Event Productions, featured Scottsdale wedding planner

By on November 25th, 2016

Ever since we expanded to the Arizona area, one of my current projects is building a wedding guide for those of you that live in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. What I’m trying to do is find the absolute best Scottsdale wedding planners in the area, the ones that reflect the level of quality in service and product that you’ve come to expect from BE. And so today, I interviewed Dionne Washington, senior planner and owner of Dionne Event Productions and Dionne Design.

I asked her three key questions that I think a lot of you grooms (or soon to be grooms!) have on your mind when it comes to shopping around for an event planner.

1. [Ryan] Can you tell us a little bit about Dionne Event Productions? What makes your approach to event planning different?

[Dionne] Dionne Event Productions was founded by Dionne Washington January 4, 2016. In July of the same year, Dionne Design was born. Dionne Event Planning is our wedding and event planning service. Dionne Design is our floral, linen and event décor service.

Since our doors opened, Dionne Event Planning (DEP for short) has helped plan and coordinate over 15 weddings in just one short year. Being a new company, that speaks wonders about the confidence our clients had in me and in my team.

What makes us different is that our approach to our clients is service based. We remind them that we are at their service to take care of all of the planning that a successful event requires. Planning a wedding should be fun, not stressful! So we remind clients that hiring a wedding planner is so important and so valuable because they don’t have to worry about the detailed and very meticulous tasks that we actually delight in.
We also offer in-house floral design. This is a rarity and can be challenging to master in addition to wedding planning. But I am confident in my floral design capabilities as I love to meet with my brides, find out what it is that they want to experience and make their design vision come to life.

2. You’ve clearly planned a lot of weddings to date, what was one that really stood out and why?

Thank you. Yes I have had my hand in event planning even before I founded DEP. One wedding that stood out to me was a couple that wanted a flower wall. At the time, I didn’t have any floral experience and my florist on this particular wedding quoted them an amount they just couldn’t see themselves paying. Well, it just so happened that I wanted to learn about floral design and I was going to a workshop that was teaching you how to do flower walls. So with the blessing of the florist that was assigned to that wedding we gave it a shot! With the help of volunteers and family members we were able to create an amazing flower wall. It was at that wedding I knew that I wanted to expand my capabilities as a floral designer. Since then, I have booked several weddings as a planner and floral designer.

3. When searching for an event planner, what are the most important qualities that a couple should be looking for?

When a couple is searching for an event planner, some of the most important qualities that a couple should be looking for are:

1. How many weddings have they planned?

2. Do they have references or reviews on websites like The Knot or Wedding Wire since those reviews can only be made by real couples who booked the planner and reviewed the planner after their event.

3. You want a planner that listens well and makes sure that their main focus is to make your planning experience a fun and stress free experience!

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Reach out to Dionne directly at [email protected] or via her company website here.

Dionne Event Productions phone number: 480.269.3379