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Dress in layers to keep warm this winter

By on January 4th, 2015

It’s cold outside!

But you know this. And it’s this time of the year that we all struggle with how to keep warm without reaching for the ski gear.

What’s true when you’re snowshoeing to a 10th mountain division hut for the night still has merit when you’re walking 5 Denver city blocks to your office building – that you need to dress in layers to keep warm this winter.

The featured image above is a good example of how you can dress warmly for your workday without looking like you’re planning to summit a mountain. Begin with a heavier weight cotton dress shirt and then layer with a sweater or cardigan. And seal out the elements with a reliable peacoat.

And what about footwear, you ask? Well, in menswear there are a lot of brands that may look flashy and sophisticated, but may have less than adequate construction when they are really put to the test. That’s why in the wintertime (and sometimes the spring) you may have to bust out the boots! There are plenty of great options out there. Choose something with a clean, simple look and it will will be in style for years to come. And if you opt for something with a bit of a heel they will even be suggestive of cowboy boots. Hmmm, maybe we should all just wear cowboy boots this winter!


The above boots aren’t budget shoes, but they can still take a beating in the elements – if you let them.

It’s easy to think that the shoes or clothes we wear are too nice to wear when conditions are less than perfect, but remember, you own your clothes, not the other way around.

Stay warm this winter and look sharp doing so, fellas!

By Ryan Wagner

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