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Memorial Day Weekend cocktail: the mint julep

By on May 25th, 2016

For so many of us, Memorial Day is the unofficial first day of summer. To help you celebrate, we’re offering up one of our favorite Memorial Day weekend cocktail recipes, that southern classic, the mint julep. Elegantly simple, it’s as refreshing as it is delicious.
The weekend is a time for outdoor BBQs, family gatherings, the Boulder Boulder, yard games, and so on. We always hope for the weather to cooperate, but even if it doesn’t, this weekend is going to be great.

What you’ll need

  • 2oz bourbon (preferably Bulliet Rye, or Dickel)
  • 1/2oz – 3/4oz simple syrup, depending on taste (we use 1/2oz)
  • Fresh mint

Also, a muddler, stirring stick, crushed ice, and a cold glass.

Here's what you'll need for your mint julep

What to do

So, there’s a short way and a long way to mixing a mint julep. First, the long way – and this happens to be Brett’s preferred method.
(Honestly, it’s not that long)
Place 5-7 fresh mint leaves in a glass, add the simple syrup and muddle together. Then add the ice, then bourbon, and stir until cold and mixed.
NOTE: Use your blender to turn your big ice cubes into the crushed variety. You don’t want the ice to be so small that you end up making a snow cone! Instead, aim for someplace in the middle.
muddle mint leaves
How to mix your mint julep
Next, prepare your glass. Similar to a Moscow Mule, Brett likes to use a copper cup. Regardless what you end up using, fill the cup to the top with your crushed ice, add a straw, and finish by gently adding a sprig of fresh mint.
TIP: Use a liberal amount of mind. Not only for aesthetics, but the idea is to aerate the air above your glass with the scent of mint.
Finally, garnish with just a touch more ice.
It should be clear now that this drink is meant to stay cold on a hot day!
OK, now pour the bourbon mixture into the glass and there you are!
I mentioned there was a short way, didn’t I?
Simply add ice in your cup, add bourbon, add sugar, and toss in some fresh mint to garnish.
The finished mint julep
Drink this memorial day weekend cocktail outside and don’t forget the fun yard games this weekend either!
summer yard games
The BE crew will be enjoying ourselves at Brett’s home this Saturday and we hope you enjoy your weekend as well. Also, we feel that it’s important to remember what Memorial Day really is – a day to honor those who have given their lives in the armed forces.
Have a great weekend everyone.
And don’t forget, Father’s Day is around the corner. Here’s the history behind the holiday. Also, if you’d like another cocktail recipe, learn how to order a martini like an expert here.