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This New Year’s Eve, dress sharp in a sport coat or blazer

By on January 4th, 2018

First, an apology: We thought that we had this article published prior to this New Year’s Eve, but alas, it was still in draft form! So, here’s planning ahead to next year!

Make one small adjustment to your outfit for New Year’s Eve and wear a jacket.

It might be a sportcoat or a blazer, but the simple act of wearing a jacket while all the other guys are sporting sweaters and button up dress shirts will designate you a man among men. And it’s easier than you think. When the champagne is flowing and the ball is about to drop, all that you really need to do is wear something in a dark color. Why? Because it’s best to wear dark colors for evening events and save the lighter hues for the daytime.

this new years eve dress festive

Don’t worry so much about the dress shirt, because with a dark jacket, pretty much anything will match. And if you want some extra points, buy a fun pocket square (something wild!) and stuff it in your pocket. Fold it carefully if you like, otherwise, acknowledge the fact that as soon as the party and dancing begins, your pocket square isn’t necessarily going to stay put anyway.

And here’s another great benefit of wearing a sportcoat or blazer for this New Year’s Eve party, you’ll have a jacket with you! Of course, if you’re in a cold locale and have an overcoat anyway, that’s one thing. But if it’s somewhat mild weather outside on December 31st, try popping the collar on your jacket (this is appropriate to do when you’re outside), grab some driving gloves, and you’re good to go!

The key takeaway with your New Year’s Eve style is that it can really pay dividends to dress just a little bit nicer than you normally would. That’s what being festive is all about. If you’re not the kind of guy who often wears a blazer, then now is your opportunity!

Happy New Year!

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