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How to build the perfect spring blazer (a case study)

By on March 10th, 2016

As the snow begins to melt and the weather warms, we can’t help but think about Spring sportcoats and blazers. A couple years back, Brett was recently involved in a runway show at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa. It was part of a boutique wedding show event sponsored by Rocky Mountain Bride and our friends at Calluna Events.

The look you see above wasn’t curated as anything you’d walk down the aisle in, but rather as part of a “weekend away” or “off to the honeymoon” look.

Coincidentally, I think it looks great as a spring outfit. And it highlights a great option for a 2016 spring blazer or spring sportcoat.

The jacket is one of our finest American-made wool sportcoats. It’s a peaked lapel, which normally makes for a very bold jacket, but with the blue plaid pattern, it’s more subdued. An accented lapel button hole (in light blue), and again one on each cuff, finished the coat.

great spring style with this blazer

Brett’s going a little casual in this look and wearing jeans. Because they are tailored to his body, just like the jacket, they work. And the brown shoes bring everything together.

Bear in mind that with such a refined spring blazer (e.g. the sheen and the fidelity of the stitch) you’ll need to keep the balance with your choice of pants. Your best dark jeans are OK, in my opinion. Your linen pants, not so much. They will just look far too casual when paired up against this jacket.

Style upgrades

Consider upgrading the look with a French blue dress shirt. Or even a yellow shirt. Either one would call to mind spring and the warming weather.


What I like most about this jacket is that it doubles just fine as a fall and even a winter coat. Brown will carry you through the seasons and the blue invites a little playfulness.

This time of year, the coat is perfect because as we come out of the winter months, you need that nice spring blazer to transition into spring and summer. A blue summer sportcoat is a bit premature, whereas heavy tweed is going to be a little too warm.

Wrap up

This is just one example of what a spring blazer may look like. Your needs may be different altogether. But I hope this gets you thinking about how you can glide into spring and do so in style!

By the way, here’s some additional spring style tips that I think you’ll find valuable. As well as our argument for buying an umbrella.