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Current style trends for men: 2019 (practical info)

By on March 11th, 2017

One of the most common questions I receive in the office is some variation of “is this stylish.” Whether my client and I are talking about lapels, button placement, or the overall color of the cloth, they just want to know that they are making a good purchase. That whatever it is they are buying is a good reflection of present style trends for men.

While men’s style does indeed change, it by no means changes at the lightning face pace that women’s style does! So lucky for us, it’s a little more manageable. Therefore, this article is our snapshot of men’s style. Each time we update this page, it’s more or less our sartorial State of the Union address, how we interpret men’s style in today’s climate.

V-neck sweaters

As we transition into the warmer weather, the venerable V-neck, in a nicely breathable merino wool, should be your go-to. However, the key difference between this year’s V-neck sweaters and those of past years, is that the V-shape is getting deeper. That means a sharper angle and a more masculine look.

Whether you wear a T-shirt under it is your call.

More colorful suits

While a good charcoal or navy suit will always be in style, this year we’re starting to see more patterns and color in our suiting. Pick something in a thoughtful shade of green or purple to start. A plaid pattern is a great way to ease your way into things. Pair a suit like this with a solid dress shirt and you just created your Spring/Summer 2017 uniform. Some fun inspiration here on the Gallery.

Double breasted jackets

Yes, double breasted suit jackets are coming back! We’ve kept a close eye on them over the past couple years, a couple here, a couple there, but they’re definitely on the rebound. Just promise us that you’ll always remember to button your jacket while standing.

By the way, a double breasted suit is constructed in pretty much the same manner as a single breasted suit, the chest section is just going to be patterned differently.

Shorter beards and longer hair

That’s right, our grooming is headed in different directions. A shorter beard and/or 5:00 o’clock shadow will lead the pack this year while longer and more wavy hair will push up against the close-cropped and shaved hipster styles that have been popular in years past.

Wrap up: style trends for men

Our aim with this article is to keep it timely and informative, filled with actionable advice for what to wear right now. So check back often as we continue to update our list!