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What is a ticket pocket?

By on December 1st, 2012

Have you ever wondered what is a ticket pocket on something like a suit or sport coat? If you’ve shopped for a custom suit recently, you’ve probably heard the term. It’s sometimes called a train ticket pocket, or maybe a theater ticket pocket.

The ticket pocket is a small pocket usually placed right above the right hip pocket on a men’s suit jacket.

But where exactly did it come from? That is, why is it even there in the first place?!

If you have read some of our other articles, you’ll know that we always love talking about the history of menswear. Be that surgeon cuffs (i.e. working sleeve button holes) or the greater historical context of men’s suiting, there’s usually some very practical beginning to the traditional garments that we wear to the office or on a date. And the story behind the ticket pocket is no different.

The pocket has been making it’s appearance more often on men’s jackets and blazers over the last few years, but it made it’s debut closer to the 1800’s. The common opinion is that the ticket pockets’ origin is in the early days of train travel in the United Kingdom. Frequent train riders needed a pocket that allowed for easy access of their train tickets. Having the pocket slightly higher on the jacket made it easily accessible while sitting down or keeping the jacket buttoned.


Ticket pockets today are sometimes just for show; simply just a flap. But similar to sleeve button holes, a functioning ticket pocket is a subtle way to add some personality and authenticity to your clothing.

While not many of us these days need a pocket for an actual train ticket, the pocket still serves a modern day purpose. It is perfectly sized for business cards, change, or that quickly accessible cash for the cab. Not to mention having a ticket pocket is a great head turner and conversation starter.

Wrap up: what is a ticket pocket?

A ticket pocket is simply that small pocket that is sometimes above the right hip pocket on a men’s suit. It’s not always going to be there and sometimes it will be above the left hip pocket, although this will almost definitely be on a custom suit.

Whether you want one or not on your next suit, it’s a subtle nod to the history behind the men’s suit, and yes, a great place to keep a ticket!

Are you looking to build out a new summer sportcoat or summer suit? A ticket pocket can be a great addition to these more seasonal jackets.