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What to keep in your suit pockets (and what not to)

By on October 8th, 2017

Ever since I was a kid I was picking things up and putting them in my pockets (The cargo short era of the 1990’s was a wonderful time). My tendency to collect things was common to many young boys. And as men, you could argue that we still carry things around with us. Women have their hand bags, whereas us guys have our jackets. Your suit pockets may as well just be stylish ways for us to conceal our favorite things.

Here’s what is typically hidden within my jacket:

Your wallet is a textbook example of what to keep in your suit pockets


Nobody likes sitting on their wallet. So, give your rear end a break and slip your wallet into your inside chest pocket. And if your wallet is bulging with receipts and therefore bulging in your jacket, consider it a wake-up call that you need to slim that thing down!

Business cards

If you carry business cards with you on a daily basis, I’d recommend either storing them in one (or both) of your side pockets. Or, in the other inside chest pocket, opposite your wallet. And get yourself a business card holder while you’re at it.


I always carry my smartphone in the same pocket as my business cards, opposite my wallet. For me, it just feels better to pull it out of an inner chest pocket versus one of my side pockets. Especially, when I’m seated.


One of the great things about wearing a sport jacket or suit is that you can always be that man that has a pen when someone asks! And yes, people do ask. Where to store your pen, you ask? In your pen pocket!

Outside chest pocket

This should be a no-brainer: Your pocket square!

Still don’t wear a pocket square regularly? This article is for you.

Mints and random things that catch your eye throughout the day

Side pockets. And don’t forget to empty the contents when you get home.

Parting thoughts on what to keep in your suit pockets

As a rule of thumb, never store any food in your jacket pockets. Either inner or outer pockets. Food just has a tendency to get loose and stain your jacket. And remember, it’s wise to minimize the amount of dry cleaning cycles that you put your jacket through as even the best cleaners out there still utilize processes and treatments that will, over time, break down the natural oils and fibers in your jacket.

Your turn. What’s in your suit pockets?


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