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Women’s suits and creating a versatile look, with style expert Delphine Gennisson

By on October 8th, 2017

Since BE has been in business, we have been approached every now and again by women inquiring about custom suiting. Interestingly, it has started to happen a little more frequently. While we continue to evaluate the benefits (and challenges) of bringing on a women’s line to our existing services, in the interim, I think it’s important that we begin to offer some content on (gasp!) women’s fashion. However, women’s fashion is not our strong suit. But fortunately, we know just the right people. And arguably one of the leading style experts in Colorado today is Delphine Gennisson.

Delphine is an image consultant and wardrobe stylist. With an advanced degree in Marketing and a past and present modeling career, she has quite the eclectic background. I encourage you to read her About page and learn more.

Regarding women’s suiting, I reached out to Delphine about a month ago after discovering her business on Instagram. Coincidentally, she was just about to publish an article on her own website on the topic of women’s suiting. You can read it here.

Fortunately for us, she was kind enough to guest post here as well. So, without further ado, here’s Delphine on three different looks that you can pull from one versatile women’s suit.


[Delphine Gennisson]

A casual authority

Take off your heavy blazer, it’s time to lift off the weight by wearing a simple tee-shirt with your suit pants set off by a brown leather belt. On top, you can slightly sheath your tee-shirt with a blue jean jacket, and when it comes to accessories, a pair of preppy black sunglasses with metallic silver arm bracelet @gillianjilius will do brilliantly. Trust me, you’ll be the embodiment of sexiness.

The Working Lady

See that chocolate sweater? Well, it’s another find from a consignment store (Holy Toledo) and promotes the perfect fall vibes. Simply wear it as a blouse beneath your full suit, sealing the entire look with nude ankle strap heels. It’s professional with a calculated appeal, though what about adding a classic black leather bag?

The belted charm

Always wanted to do the ever so famous belted waist look? Well the trend is back, so go for it! Simply pair your suit blazer with a navy blouse, roll/push up the sleeves even more if you surprisingly discover some full prints having underneath. Nick out the suit pants, instead pair it with white pants to keep the appearance summery. Now it’s time to show your curves, cinch it with a leather belt and enchant the onlookers with your newly acquired look, consisting of the same items. For the whole deal, add a long chain necklace et voila!

Contact information for Delphine Gennisson:

Reach out to Delphine Gennisson directly for more information on her services and style!

Here’s a link to her Contact page.